I really love vintage and vintage-looking metal pieces. I have to be careful not to turn my entire home into a blinking wonderland (it would be pretty darn AWESOME if I must say so myself!) or my husband might think I am crazy…or he might go crazy.

Here is a bar sign that I purchased at an amazing price at HomeGoods (well I actually used a gift card…my family knows I am obsessed with HomeGoods) a few months ago and while it does not have lights, I still love it!

Photo of vintage metal sign that says "bar"

DIY marquee letter by Sugar & ClothMarquee Letter A

vintage love marquee letters montageLove Letters (R to L)  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Arrow Light Fixture

Arrow light

Treats Marquee Lights

Treats Marquee

world map marquee lightWorld Map Marquee

If you want to try making vintage-looking marquee letters or words for your home, here is a great DIY tutorial by Danni at Oh, Hello Friend. It is actually surprisingly easy to make and not  too expensive. I suggest practicing on a shape or a letter to get the hang of it and then move on to bigger items. Don’t forget to share your masterpiece and it may be featured here on the blog. If you have already tried this DIY, send me an email!

9misc_1_zps5ccfc622Oh, Hello Friend

Spoons Squared Logo Alt

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