Trader Joes Macarons

Trader Joes Macarons5Trader Joes Macarons_CollageTrader Joes MacaronsAll photos by Spoons Squared

If you read the blogs of today…any blog of this genre for that matter, you will see that popularity of the macaron has skyrocketed. I remember a few years back, seeing articles written by fellow dessert enthusiasts, stating that the macaron was the new cupcake and I refused not believe it. Now, I think they may have been onto something. While I am still loyal to the ever-mighty cupcake, I do understand the appeal of the macaron. They are beautiful, small and a lot easier to enjoy without making a mess of yourself. So when I stumbled upon a box of frozen macarons while perusing my local Trader Joe’s, I could not pass up the opportunity to give them try. Let’s just say I am on my second box. No, I did not eat them all myself. Okay, okay, yes, I did, but I spaced it out over a few months. Unfortunately the Mr. does not have a sweet tooth in his body so I am left alone to make sure no dessert goes to waste. Sigh! Ladies, it’s tough not having to fight for the last bite.

While fresh is always the best, my overall opinion of the Trader Joe’s Macarons is that they are worthy of a purchase and should be shared with fellow sweet tooths. These little bite-sized wonders definitely stack up. Flavors included: Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Fig, Lemon, Apricot and Coconut. Enjoy!

Love Val

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