mini ice cream coneHold The Cone mini ice cream cones from Trader JoesHold The Cone Mini Ice Cream Conesmini ice cream coneTrader Joe’s always has fun desserts and as you can tell, I love trying them out. My most recent purchase consisted of these fun mini ice cream cones and fruit pops (review to come soon) that are perfect for summer. Each package neatly contains eight mini cones that are ready to eat right away without any defrosting time. The cones were a bit on the chewy side, but it didn’t impact the taste, in my opinion. The cones have a small amount of chocolate at the very bottom to prevent the ice cream from dripping as it melts, but honestly, if you are able to withstand the urge to eat the entire thing in one bite, you will still finish before they have time to melt, so it just provides a sweet last bite. Overall, they get an A- from me only because of the slightly chewy cone and the fact that they don’t come in regular size!! ;)

Love Val

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