Bumbleberry Blossom out of the ovenWe recently moved to a new place so as a way of learning the area, I have been trying out new stores and shopping centers when it comes time do my food shopping. The closest supermarket is a Safeway which I have not shopped at in years. Good thing for you is that this week’s Test Kitchen is not from Trader Joe’s! Ha! We all love some Trader Joe’s and there are so many yummy sweet things to try out, but I really needed to mix this series up a bit AND that was what this series was intended for. So no, I will not stop posting my yummy finds from TJ’s, but I will be adding more variety going forward. Promise!

Bumbleberry BlossomBumbleberry Blossom from Safeway by Safeway Select Bumbleberry Blossom from SafewaySo without further ado, this week’s Test Kitchen features Safeway Select (store brand) Bumbleberry Blossoms. What is a bumbleberry you ask? Well, it is not an actual berry. It is, according to Wikipedia, what you get when you mix at least three types of berries together. In this case its blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with the addition of apples. Each package comes with two blossoms which are flaky pastries filled with the bumbleberry mix and topped with cinnamon and a brown sugar crumble. They come frozen and can be heated up in the oven or microwave. I tested it out in the microwave and they came out great, not soggy like you would expect. They tasted really fresh, but also very sweet. The package recommends adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which might help cut the sweetness a bit, but I enjoyed mine for breakfast with coffee and it was pretty darn good. Due to the sweetness level, I give them an A-, but that’s just my taste. I hope you enjoy!

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