Sweet Links 2.14.14 By Spoons Squared

It’s Friday (woohoo!) and time for my Sweet Links Roundup. Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and a relaxing weekend…and as always, may it be sweet!

  1. Love the idea of giving orchids over cut flowers at Valentine’s Day // casasugar.com
  2. Yummy or strange? Ice cream flavors from Japan // DailyNewsDig.com
  3. 10 Ways To Take Your Hot Chocolate To The Next Level // huffingtonpost.com
  4. Will it last or be a fad? Introducing the cousin of the Cronut, The Cragel // DesignTaxi.com
  5. Guide to Wine For Beginners Infographic (that’s me) // winefolly.com
  6. Absolutely LOVE and am inspired by Katie Rogers fashion illustrations! So talented! // paperfashion.net

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