Sweet Links 10.17.14  My favorite links of the week

Happy Friday! It has been a while since I have done a Sweet Links post so this week I wanted to make sure that I made it happen. These days we are presented with so much amazing information at our fingertips, but it is constantly being updated, changed and improved upon which can make it extremely difficult to keep up. For example, the first thing I do when I wake up is grab my cell phone (It doesn’t help that it is also my alarm clock) and start reading through all that happened overnight; emails, news, Facebook updates, Instagram comments, my to-do list for the day, etc., and I often say to myself “Oooh I need to come back to this later.”, but I rarely do. I can’t tell you how many articles, DIYs, tips and recipes I have bookmarked (ummm, Pinterest), that will remain just that, a bookmark. So this weekly post is my way of making myself go back and check out that article or Pinterest find that I grabbed my attention, but would otherwise not see the light of day again.

  1. I am going apple picking with friends this weekend. Knowing what apples make the best pies is going to be very helpful! // food52.com
  2. I absolutely love what Skillshare offers! What a great way to learn new things that are really current with the interests of today. They have classes that range from calligraphy, to fashion illustration, to how to style food photos for Instagram. If you have a unique skill and love to teach, you can also sign up to give a class yourself. How cool! // Skillshare featured above.
  3. How to make a swizzle cocktail – this recipe for the Queen Park Swizzle looks really refreshing. // food52.com
  4. Guide to surviving Halloween candy for adults. The Ultimate Candy and Wine Pairings you will need this year. // vivino.com
  5. When I saw this video for how to make an infinity scarf that my friend posted on Facebook, I got really excited. I don’t knit, but this looks really fun and more my speed! This is a great gift idea now that the holidays are getting closer. // handimania.com
  6. I love all things grapefruit, except for eating actual grapefruit. This recipe for homemade grapefruit mint poppy seed bar soap might just change my mind. // abeautifulness.com


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