Test Kitchen

Gu Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecakes

Test Kitchen Tuesday – Gü Desserts

Whenever I go to the store to do my regular food shopping, I keep an eye out for interesting new items that look like they might be worth a try. Recently while walking around Wegmans (regional so check website for store locations) I spotted a frozen dessert with an interesting name “Gü Desserts” and needless […]

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Trader Joes Macarons

Test Kitchen – Trader Joe’s Macarons

All photos by Spoons Squared If you read the blogs of today…any blog of this genre for that matter, you will see that popularity of the macaron has skyrocketed. I remember a few years back, seeing articles written by fellow dessert enthusiasts, stating that the macaron was the new cupcake and I refused not believe […]

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