Baublebar Earrings

1. Coral TicTac Drops // 2. Opal Galactic // 3. Jade Diamond Drops // 4. Isabella Drops // 5. Spaceship Coupe Earrings // 6. Blue Rock Candy Earrings // 7. Middleton Earrings // 8. Lauqer Palm Turquoise Earrings

Check out some of my fave baubles (prices range from $28-$44) from I discovered this jewelry site a few years ago and I really love how fun their selection is (I wear the Opal Galactic earrings all the time). They also do guest collaborations, which they call “Guest Bartenders”, with popular bloggers, designers and fashion types. Right now they have a collaboration with the girls from Georgetown Cupcake! Yum!!

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