I finally received my second Stitch Fix! I loved my first one so much that I was really excited to get my second one. The anticipation made the wait feel like forever + I signed put to receive my Stitch Fix every other month which didn’t help. Anyway, I have since changed it to ship every month. :)

Stitch Fix Clothing and Accessories

So, this month, as part of my five Stitch Fix items, I received a pair of slightly distressed boyfriend jeans, an oversized knit sweater (with a touch of cashmere…oh la la!), a 3/4″ sleeve print top, an open cardigan and a long chevron necklace. With the exception of the print top (not a fan of purple), I think that my Stitch Fix stylist did a good job picking pieces that were in-line with what I requested. I really love the oversized knit sweater!! It is so soft and comfy. The pieces that my stylist picked also fit really well and all of the items are neutral enough that they can be mixed and matched with what I already own to create a lot of new outfit combinations.

That being said, I did not keep any of the items in this fix. Ahhh! I know, I know! It was not because I didn’t like the pieces, but because I didn’t LOVE them. When I was younger, I would often make the mistake of purchasing an item that I “liked” and then realize later that I just didn’t wear it that much. I have since changed my way of thinking. Now, I always aim to purchase pieces that I absolutely love and would regret if I let slip by. I also try to only buy what I need, but every once in a while…well, you know. ;)

So what did I learn from Stitch Fix #2?

  1. Be thoughtful. It is important to put some thought into what pieces you really need before you sign up for a fix. If you don’t need any new pieces, just skip that month and save your money until you do.
  2. Be specific. When you leave a note for your stylist, let your stylist know what you are looking for…and not looking for. If there is something you really don’t want, and you don’t think that you are style profile has addressed it, let them know. It will only help you get a better Stitch Fix. Tip: If you have a Pinterest board (here is mine) that showcases your style perfectly, then definitely share that with them.
  3. Have fun. Part of the excitement in getting a Stitch Fix is the surprise. So give a few specific ideas of what you are looking for and then let your stylist have some fun picking out the rest. You may find that they pick a few amazing pieces that you would never have picked for yourself.

Stitch Fix Trinity Waffle Knit Sweater Stitch Fix Penelope Zipper Detail Open Cardigan Grey Stitch Fix Mavi Gold Ruxin Distressed  Boyfriend Jeans_ Stitch Fix Berneen Diamond Print Dolman Top Stitch Fix Dylan Bar & Triangle NecklaceStitch Fix Looks

  • Market and Spruce – Trinity Waffle Knit Sweater
  • Brixon Ivy – Penelope Zipper Detail Open Cardigan
  • Mavi Gold – Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean
  • 41Hawthorn – Berneen Diamond Print Knit Dolman Top
  • Bay to Baubles – Dylan Bar & Triangle Pendant Necklace

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What do you think?

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